Monday, November 22, 2010

An Open Letter to Alec Baldwin

Dear Alec,

You first caught my eye in Married to the Mob. You were adorable in It's Complicated. And you make Thursday my favorite day of the week as Jack Donaghy.

Next up for Alec Baldwin - the film version of Animal Cracker, my yet unpublished, megahit-to-be novel. Don't miss the chance to star as the malapropping, conniving, philandering boss (who makes Jack look like a pussy) at the novel's center. Buy the book, get it published and you own the Academy Award-winning role.

Come on, get in touch, put up your feet and enjoy reading your next part!

All my best,
Andi Brown

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I won!

Okay, folks, we're in do-or-die territory. No word back from the two agents who requested the full manuscript, and a bunch more rejections. So, I just wanna know - is this thing publishable or not?

Grub Street, Boston's fantastic writer's organization, recently auctioned off manuscript critiques by several VERY esteemed literary agents - and I won TWO!. I spent waaaaaaay too much money. But I need the definitive word. I sent off the requested 75 pages to both yesterday, and I intend to ask them point blank: Is this thing worth putting more time into or should I drop it?

Hold your breath with me!