Monday, January 18, 2010

Once in Love with Amy

My meeting with Amy, my book doctor/editor began auspiciously...with a hug from her. We met at 1369, a charming, old-style coffee shop in Central Square. After about ten seconds of pleasantries, she cut right to the chase.

Here's the short version:
  • The main character needs more compelling reasons- emotionally and tangibly - for everything she does.

  • We need to become more invested in her struggle so we worry about her more.

  • If a character appears, make sure he or she resurfaces later in a way that's critical to the plot. Otherwise, kill her off.
Together, we worked out a number of character and plot problems. And, citing the Odyssey and Oedipus (good thing I'm reasonably literate), she confirmed what the agents had said - Begin the story when the main character finds her purpose.

Amy is worth every penny. And she agreed to read my rewrite when I'm done. I'm giving myself a month AT THE MOST. But I'm nothing if not fast, so I may be able to finish even sooner.

As I've said before (sigh), back to rewrite.

Friday, January 8, 2010


My book has something on the order of a polyp, i.e. fixed and better than ever after some minor surgery.

Here's what Amy, my book doctor, had to say: " I really enjoyed the voice and humor...moves very quickly and makes for a good, fun read. You've got your plot down pat, but your character's connection to that plot remains weak...we need to understand what's at stake for her... But (!!!!) I think these issues can be easily fixed."

Some of her concerns were with the protagonist's motivation, which was covered in my discarded first two chapters. So I've sent those to Amy to see if she can help me figure out a way to incorporate some of that material into the revision. (Jason may live again). We're meeting on Saturday, the 16th to discuss her critique.

Not one to put all my eggs in one basket, I'm sending out my musical to a producer and (what chutzpah) Twyla Tharp. Why not?