Friday, January 8, 2010


My book has something on the order of a polyp, i.e. fixed and better than ever after some minor surgery.

Here's what Amy, my book doctor, had to say: " I really enjoyed the voice and humor...moves very quickly and makes for a good, fun read. You've got your plot down pat, but your character's connection to that plot remains weak...we need to understand what's at stake for her... But (!!!!) I think these issues can be easily fixed."

Some of her concerns were with the protagonist's motivation, which was covered in my discarded first two chapters. So I've sent those to Amy to see if she can help me figure out a way to incorporate some of that material into the revision. (Jason may live again). We're meeting on Saturday, the 16th to discuss her critique.

Not one to put all my eggs in one basket, I'm sending out my musical to a producer and (what chutzpah) Twyla Tharp. Why not?


  1. Andi,
    A tweak here, a tweak there, and off you go! Sounds like things are looking up, Andi. Bon chance!

  2. Thanks, Bobby. Stay tuned. I will surely post again after my meeting with the editor.

  3. Tweaking is good!

    That's better than the most recent feedback I got. She loved my voice and my characters, but really had issues with a big chunk of the plot. Grr...

  4. Keep at it, Bear. You can fix it!

  5. Hi Andi -- great to catch up with you via your blog. But I must say, Jason, gone? Next thing you know you'll be replacing short Jewish guys with tall Wasps.

  6. Not a chance, Larry. Bit some of the best lines in the book were on the first two pages, and generously supplied! Maybe they'll be back. We'll see after my meeting Saturday.