Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Done!!

And the jury is in, at least from Amy, my book doctor. In her last email, she said," I think we're getting really close now and the last half (or even more) really just sings along and was fun to read. You've fixed the biggest problems perfectly. "

And so I have. Down to (almost) every single suggestion she made in our follow-up conversation last week.

And now, I have crafted the perfect query letter with my perfect first three pages to the perfect agent to be sent with perfect timing. Well, not sure about the timing, but I can't worry about that. And now, I am hitting....SEND.


  1. Congratulations, Andi. See how easy that was!
    I'm looking forward to reading my autographed copy in the not too distant future. Good luck, Andi, and be well.

  2. Have you really started to submit? You must be so excited. You've come a long way since we met at the writers conference. So happy for you Andi.