Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm baaack (redux)

You're asking, "Why, Andi Brown, did you lie to us? You promised you were back, posted one lousy entry, and disappeared again.

Here's why. One night, after imbibing a couple of glasses of wine, and wearing sort of highish heels, I was carrying my elderly dog down the stairs and tripped. This led to a dislocated shoulder, broken bone, and torn rotator cuff. Which led to surgery, three months of pain relieved by narcotics that I feared would lead to addiction. Sum total: three months of hell.

Fast forward. I feel great, and, except for some limited range of motion in my right shoulder, I AM NORMAL. I was lucky to have some wonderful friends and family members who helped me during my recovery/ordeal.

Writing-wise, lots happening. I've purchased critiques by two literary agents via Boston's Grub Street writer's organization. I'll meet them and get their verdicts on May 5th. Do you hear the sound of my teeth chattering?

And...I'm writing a romance novel with a friend. This is also known as whoring for money. Who couldn't use some more? It's a blast, and if nothing else, it's given us tons of laughs.

And last, I'm tweeting! Check me out.
I may reveal a surprise there in a couple of weeks!

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