Sunday, June 9, 2013


The day has come....almost! On WEDNEDSDAY, JUNE 12, Animal Cracker will be published. Warning: on that day, I will be bombarding the twittersphere with hourly exhortations to BUY MY BOOK. Apologies in advance. Animal Cracker will be initially available as a paperback and in a few weeks, in a Kindle version as well. I hope to make it available for the Nook too at some point.

And...ta - da - a bonus! I'm also publishing another book that very same day. (A)Musings is a collection of short humor pieces, travel writing, some recipes and other miscellany. It will be sold only for the Kindle, at least for now, for just $.99. Double the fun and buy 'em both.

Thank you,blog followers, for sharing this journey with me. I hope you enjoy my work!


  1. You see, I've been on youre blog and I'm follow you.It's dificult for me to write and read Englisch, but I'll try.
    You're publishing your book on wednesday? That's great, congratulations!!!
    You can follow me also on mine site if you want.

  2. Sounds like a good read. I look forward to reading them both.